Salim Harissi
a professional poultry consultant with a Ph.D. in poultry nutrition
Taline Harissi
a Ph.D. candidate specializing in financial economic


1. Provide info about the poultry industry in specific countries. Mainly in the African continent {extensive knowledge and experience in Africa }

2. Field visit to the country specified by the investor and a detailed report will be

produced showing the potential in the poultry or any specified agricultural sector. 3. Provide drawing map for the farm in details showing all the chicken houses, feed mill and all other sections including roads.

4. Full execution for the project, starting from construction, machines and equipment

until starting and commissioning.

5. Provide staff selection and training to ensure smooth operation. 6. Follow up for a period of time after the start up.

Also, we do provide solutions for an exisiting farms that have problems and provide advices.

About us

Salim Harissi, Managing Director

Salim Harissi is a professional poultry consultant with a Ph.D. in poultry nutrition.
As an experienced Agricultural Engineer, he brings extensive experience and expertise to his role. By integrating cutting-edge scientific solutions, Salim provides invaluable advice and consultations based on thorough field studies and effective problem-solving strategies.

Salim specializes in assisting investors in making informed decisions about project size, budget, and project nature type. His ultimate objective is to deliver efficient and intelligent consultations that optimize poultry agriculture projects for his esteemed clients. > 03 856 843: Taline Harissi is a Ph.D. candidate specializing in financial economics with over three years of experience. She excels in data analysis, transforming collected data into meaningful financial figures that provide valuable insights into costs, profits, payback periods, and other key metrics.

Taline’s expertise lies in high-level statistical analysis, utilizing advanced methodologies to extract significant patterns and trends from complex datasets. With a strong command of cutting-edge software tools, she ensures efficient and accurate financial analysis for business owners.